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Hungarian Cultural Center Of Northeastern Ohio Formally: St. Stephen's Dramatic Club (1904-2001) & Geauga Magyar Club (1975-2001) 12027 Abbott Road - Hiram OH 44234
Saint Stephen’s Dramatic Club
100th Anniversary

It all began at Christmas Eve in 1903 at St. Elizabeth Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Youth Group was having a Pastoral Play and it was such a success that the elders decided to repeat the play and with that they formed the St. Stephen’s Club.

The founding members were Kocsis András, Dvorák József, Hanusovsky Gyula, Lezsák József, Magyary János, Jeney Dezsô, Lesco János, Olejnyik György, Hegedüs Károly and Szászfaj Ferenc.

St Stephen’s Club received many awards throughout the years and was very successful in their theatrical productions, their singing society and their sporting events

In the 1980’s the Club suffered rough times, loss of membership and a devastation fire to the club house.

However, in 1994, the Club reorganized and with more than 270 members, had many successful Balls, Dinner/Dances and Picnics. After the loss of their club facilities, St Stephen’s club held their monthly meetings at St Margaret of Hungary Church’s hall.

In 2001, St Stephen’s joined forces with the Geauga Magyar Cultural Society and established the new Hungarian Cultural Center of Northeastern Ohio.

The newly formed organization is the example to all Hungarians that with hard work and dedication, much can be accomplished. God bless the hard working hands and the supporting membership.